Activated Carbon Odor Eliminators

Activated Carbon Eliminates Odor

Activated Carbon Eliminates Odor

Many of our customers have asked about what makes FRIDGE IT and INNOFRESH odor absorber so good.   It is our activated carbon filters that powerfully absorb and eliminate odors and smells including the really tough odors from areas like refrigerator odor, cat litter box odor, car odor, trash odor, closet and cabinet odor.   Innofresh Activated carbon odor absorbers even work for smells and odor coming from trash bins in garage to dead mouse in wall problems.  Read more about dead mouse odors below.  

Innofresh activated carbon is made up of literally millions of pores and microscopic pockets that absorb enormous amounts of odors.    Just one small gram of activated carbon has the equivalent surface area of a football field which gives this amazing product the ability to absorb odors so effectively.      Our FRIDGE IT and Innofresh odor absorbers utilize this incredible activated carbon material that pulls odors from the air into the microscopic holes and pores and traps them.   

Innofresh and FRIDGE IT odor absorbers are completely fragrance free and eliminate odor problems rather than masking them with a fragrance.     These remarkable activated carbon odor absorbers are also virtually dust free because of our special patented process that we use in manufacturing FRIDGE IT and Innofresh odor absorbers.   No small granules or messy charcoal powders like other products.     Just easy to use, fragrance free and the safer alternative for you and your family to eliminate odors from refrigerator and freezer to even dead mouse odors in  walls.

Please visit our Innofresh web site at to learn more about FRIDGE IT and Innofresh Odor absorbers.   Click here to find out how to buy conveniently on line at

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