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Eliminate Refrigerator and Freezer Odors For Good

Eliminate refrigerator and freezer odors more effectively

Eliminate refrigerator and freezer odors more effectively

Eliminate Refrigerator and Freezer Odor.   Get rid of bad tasting ice.
Tired of opening your refrigerator and getting that terrible smell?   Or perhaps your ice is taking on the taste and smell from odors in your refrigerator and freezer.  

Many of our blog readers ask  “how do I eliminate refrigerator and freezer odors?” 
Well, now you can finally get rid of the odor, and not just the easy ones.    With FRIDGE IT activated carbon odor absorbers, you will discover the powerful odor elimination effectiveness of activated carbon.    FRIDGE IT  has a patented ventilated carbon filter for maximum odor absorption and unlike other odor absorbers that work on only some types of odors, naturally activated carbon is designed to absorb, trap and neutralize more odors within the millions of microscopic odor absorbing pockets.

FRIDGE IT is powerful and extremely effective because of the microscopic holes and pores inside and on the surface  that make activated carbon one of the most porous materials known. Just one gram of activated carbon has the surface area of about 500 square meters, the size of two tennis courts. The amazing property of FRIDGE IT activated carbon is its ability to absorb enormous amounts of gas particles (odors) relative to its size resulting in clean fresh air in your refrigerator and freezer.

You can eliminate those refrigerator smells and cross contamination of odors by placing FRIDGE IT Cube odor absorbers in your refrigerator and freezer.   For tougher fridge odors, place a FRIDGE IT Cube on each shelf for maximum effectiveness.     Better than baking soda and no worry about spills or fragranced air fresheners in your refrigerator.  Our single molded activated carbon filters are virtually dust free and completely fragrance free.   Best of all, they really work!   For clean fresh smelling refrigerators and odor free freezer and ice,  try FRIDGE IT activated carbon odor absorbers.   You’ll be glad you did.

Please visit our web site at www.innofresh.com for more product information and easy, fast on line shopping.   Your order is important, so we make every effort to ship orders within just 1-2 days and then ship PRIORITY U.S. Postal Service so you get your order quickly.
All our products are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A with safety, superior product effectiveness and your satisfaction, our priorities

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