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FRIDGE IT Cube and Wafer

FRIDGE IT Cube and Wafer

A social phenomenon.   No, not quite yet, but become a Facebook Fan of FRIDGE IT and join the growing community of FRIDGE IT fans.  Click here on this Facebook link to take you right to it.   Not a Facebook member, sign in and search for “Innofresh”.   Post your best odor stories, how FRIDGE IT and INNOFRESH activated odor absorbers came to the rescue and please, be sure to spread the word.     Fridge It and Innofresh activated carbon odor absorbers are totally fragrance free  – so without irritating chemicals, messy powders, gels and sprays, these amazing little odor absorbers are natures powerful odor eliminators.   

Our patented porous activated carbon is unlike other products.  You’ll see (and smell) the amazing difference in effectively controlling odors from your refrigerator and freezer to cabinets, closets, storage, trash bins, under sinks, diaper pails, dorm rooms (smelly dorm rooms),  cat litter box, auto interiors, garage, pantry, and yes, even the dreaded “dead mouse odors”.  

If you haven’t visited our web site, please join us at  and also read some of our other blog entries to learn how Fridge IT and Innofresh can be right for you and what others are saying.      Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  All our products are also proudly manufactured in the USA  in a facility that employs adults with disabilities – (We think that’s pretty great!).      Want to learn more about us, see you at or join the Facebook fan club and start talking.     Easy and convenient on line shopping available for you at

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