FRIDGE IT odor absorbers get 5 star ratings – user review

Fridge It receives highest ratings
Fridge It receives highest ratings

Fridge IT ® activated carbon odor absorber receives really great user reviews.   We try to post some of them on our company blog so please share your experience.  You can leave comments directly on this blog or email us at .     

Many readers share great results with eliminating tough refrigerator odors as nicely written  in this great review in Viewpoints – just click on this link.     But also, as you can read from some comments that other FRIDGE IT fans posted on Viewpoints, Fridge It activated carbon odor absorbers provide great odor control in other areas around the house including closets, cabinets, under sinks and near trash areas.   Our patented activated carbon ventilated odor absorbers are powerful enough to work great all around the home.     Don’t be fooled by the convenient size of our popular purple cube Fridge IT.  The activated carbon is filled with microscopic pockets that absorb and neutralize even the more difficult odors in the air.      Plus, now you can eliminate odors without the use of any fragrances.   Unlike other air fresheners,   all our activated carbon odor absorbers are completely fragrance free.   No chemicals, no sprays, no messy gels and powders.   Just natural activated carbon blended in a patented process for superior odor elimination and cleaner smelling air.

Please visit our web site at to learn more about us.   We would also love to hear from you.    You can also conveniently shop on line at for all our activated carbon odor absorbers for around the home, pet areas such as litter box and small animal cages, auto interiors, dorm rooms, garage, office break rooms and just about anywhere you smell an unwanted odor.      

All our products are proudly manufactured in the USA with safety, quality and your complete satisfaction our priority.     Visit us and share your comments.  We would love to hear from you.    If you “smell IT’, then Fridge IT” 

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