Genuine FRIDGE IT activated charcoal odor absorbers. Effective odor elimination



Genuine FRIDGE IT ® activated charcoal odor absorbers.

It’s easy to tell the genuine FRIDGE IT activated charcoal odor absorbers from other products.  Just look for the distinctive purple cube manufactured by Innofresh Products.   Since 1992, FRIDGE IT has been a favorite odor absorber providing our customers with amazing results.  These little purple cubes are so incredibly effective.  We guarantee it.    Our patented porous activated carbon is molded into a single, “dust free”, ventilated filter that provides superior odor control AND is completely fragrance free.  That means allergen free for so many people sensitive to fragrances that just cover up smells rather than effectively eliminating them for good.   So, without irritating fragrances, messy powders, gels, harmful chemicals and sprays, you can get superior odor control.   Trust genuine FRIDGE IT for safe, effective odor elimination around your home, pets and family.

Try fragrance free FRIDGE IT and our other Innofresh activated carbon odor absorbers with complete confidence.  All our products are proudly manufactured in the USA in a facility that employs adults with disabilities that we are very proud of.    Please visit our web site at to learn more about us and shop conveniently on line for your favorite odor absorbers for odor control all around your house.   If you “smell It”, then, “eliminate IT’ with “FRIDGE IT”.   We think it is pretty catchy.  But, what really is important is that IT works for you.   You can count on it and that is our guarantee.    Don’t settle for anything other than the original FRIDGE IT odor absorber.

2 Responses

  1. Im a painter and some paintings were in a fire. they cleaned up good except they have a terrible chemical odor from what burned in the resturant in the fire. any suggestions . I was told to use natural charcol and put it in a sealed container with the painting
    sincerely Mike Medow

  2. Yes, our ventilated activated charcoal has been extremely effective in eliminating odors, including smoke, from other items like collectible books and antique purses when sealed in a container for 1 – 2 weeks. We typically recommend using the FRIDGE IT cube if sufficient room is available in the sealed container. Otherwise, the FRIDGE IT Wafer will work. While we have not experienced this with, specifically sealing paintings, the same idea should work. The activated charcoal should not effect the painting, but please make sure that by sealing your artwork in an air tight environment will not have a negative impact on your item. We would love to hear how this worked for you. Thank you.

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