Cleaning and Safety Tip: Charcoal Briquettes compared with Activated Charcoal for Odor Control

Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon

Regular Charcoal compared to Activated Charcoal for odor control….and, is it Safe?

Q & A Forum:
Here’s a question that we are often asked about how to get rid of various household odors. “Does activated charcoal (or activated carbon) really work better than regular charcoal briquettes used on the barbeque grill to absorb and eliminate odors?”

Activated Charcoal works much better but more importantly is the safety of not using ordinary barbeque charcoal.  Activated carbon or activated charcoal is actually special oxidized charcoal that has gone through a pretty extensive process which significantly increases the microscopic pores that attract and absorb odors.  Click here to learn more about activated charcoal at this link – To explain it even further, not all activated carbon is the same and this makes a significant difference in performance.   Our Innofresh and Fridge IT activated charcoal is made from the highest quality materials such as coconut shells compared with other products that use a lesser grade of materials.   This makes a difference in the end-product.

Safety – This is something very important. Another distinction is that, in addition to not being as “pure” or oxidized as activated carbon, charcoal briquettes generally have other chemicals added to them to bind and make them combust better for use in grills. This is another reason we do not recommend charcoal briquettes for eliminating odors to avoid cross contamination with chemicals.

Keep your charcoal briquettes for grilling and for a much more effective and safer way to eliminate odors, use activated carbon. Innofresh activated carbon with VAC technology utilizes a patented ventilated porous system to provide maximum odor absorption and elimination effectiveness.    This all adds up to superior odor control performance compared with other products.    For more information, please visit our web site at and learn more about our popular FRIDGE IT and Innofresh fragrance free activated carbon odor absorbers and how to use them effectively.

All our products are proudly manufactured in the USA with safety, quality and top customer support, our priorities.      Visit our web site and read our other blog entries to learn more about Innofresh Products and some other helpful tips.   Visit our on-line store to shop conveniently for our fragrance free collection of activated carbon odor absorbers. Fast ship is important –   We strive to ship all orders within just 1 – 2 business days and with PRIORITY United States Postal Service for quick delivery  (International orders are shipped US Postal Service regular ground delivery).  Thank you for visiting Innofresh Products.

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  5. I am having issues at work with perfume smells. What is the best way to get rid of perfume odors in a work/cube environment?

  6. Our activated charcoal odor eliminators work well to reduce unwanted fragrances and other smells from a small space area. Completely fragrance free and allergen free, activated charcoal is a great way to actually eliminate odors
    rather than mask or cover them up. For larger areas such as an open work environment, you can place several FRIDGE IT Cube odor eliminators around the area to help. However, if the source of the perfume continues, it will be
    difficult to eliminate the smell since while the activated charcoal will absorb and neutralize the odor, a continued source will emit odor. Perhaps a small fan might also help. I hope this helps.

  7. Why does activated charcoal stop eliminating odors after a period of time? Is there a “rule of thumb” for how long a certain amount of charcoal will effectively eliminate odors?

  8. Our filters are designed such that, typical uses could last 3-6 months, depending upon how and where the odor eliminators are used. Essentially when the microscopic pores are “filled” to capacity with odor molecules, the effectiveness decreases. The amazing properties of activated charcoal is the incredible microscopic surface area that is available to absorb and neutralize the odors.

  9. What if you crushed briquettes ? Wouldn’t it act as a activated type of charcoal since the surface area is exposed to oxygen?

  10. Thank you for your comment regarding using regular charcoal briquettes. If you crushed the briquettes, you still have the same material, except in smaller parts. While you’ve created greater surface area, it has not altered the charcoal and still has the same characteristics as the original form including any chemicals that it may have been treated with. Activated charcoal actually takes special charcoal and goes through an extensive process, often with steam and in an oxygen free environment to create a highly porous material. For additional information, click on this link to our website page about activated charcoal –

  11. Thank you for the answer to my question. Steve

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