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Eliminate Holiday Refrigerator And Trash Odors

Holidays in the kitchen

Holidays in the kitchen

The perfect little helper.
It’s almost Thanksgiving and for many, that means extra strain and extra odor in and around the refrigerator, freezer and trash areas.  Let us help you plan ahead for the busy days ahead.   At least, you won’t have to worry about those tough and lingering odors coming from your fridge, freezer or trash during the holidays.    Place two or three Fridge IT Cube activated carbon odor absorbers in your fridge now and get ready for the extra leftovers.   Also, put a couple of our FRIDGE IT’s in your freezer to help keep your ice tasting and smelling fresh.

Along wIth the extra Holiday cooking always comes extra trash with extra odors.    Just clip a couple of our FRIDGE IT Wafer activated carbon odor absorbers to the side of your kitchen trash can and keep those odors away too.   FRIDGE IT odor absorbers are also great for eliminating odor under the sink, kitchen cabinets, pantry and closets and help keep these areas smelling fresh and clean without irritating fragrances.  

Please visit our website at http://www.fridgeit.com for more information and convenient online ordering of your favorite activated carbon odor absorbers.   They really work!
And you don’t have to wait long to receive your order.   Your order is shipped quickly, usually within 24 – 48 hours and sent PRIORITY USPS – United States Postal service.
For the most effective odor elimination, don’t settle for anything other than FRIDGE IT activated carbon odor absorbers.

Odor Absorbers , MADE IN THE U.S.A.

Quality and Committment

Quality and Committment

Innofresh Products, Inc. is proud to say that all our odor absorber, odor eliminator and air freshener products are manufactured exclusively in the U.S
What this means for you is that you can expect the highest and consistent quality in all our products made with pride and commitment right here in the United States.     Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality products and with safety and performance our priority.  These include our popular brands like FRIDGE IT and INNOFRESH Odor Absorbers.
Please visit our web site at www.innofresh.com to learn more about our products and to conveniently order on line.    We look forward to providing you with safer alternatives and superior performance odor eliminating products utilizing fragrance free and dust free activated carbon, natures best odor absorbing material.

About Innofresh Products odor absorber and smell eliminators and the world of better air quality

Innofresh Products, Inc. – Fresh ideas for innovative products.™ 

Fridge It odor absorbers, Innofresh odor eliminators, Visor fresh air fresheners

Since 1992, Innofresh Products activated carbon odor eliminators have been a leader in safer and fragrance free odor eliminating solutions, utilizing activated carbon technology.   While other companies offer fragranced products that just cover up odors,  Innofresh approach the problem of odors differently by developing specialized odor absorbers that actually eliminate the odors rather than covering the problem odor with a fragrance that may be irritating.


We first applied activated carbon technology to the consumer marketplace with our FRIDGE-IT® odor absorber – an advanced fragrance free odor eliminator in a popular “Cube” shape. Since we’ve introduced Fridge-It®, this product has become recognized as a superior odor absorber for applications throughout the home including refrigerator and freezer, but also, under sink, near trash, closets, storage, garage, diaper pail, cabinets and other many other problem areas. The best results are always guaranteed. Fridge-It® has even received national news coverage for its ability to absorb odors.

Since then, under the Innofresh™ brand, we have continued our mission of exploring safe and effective alternatives to other fragranced spray, powder, gel and oil products with our extended line of consumer air freshener solutions for a variety of other specialized areas such as cat litter boxes and small animal cages again utilizing safe, natural and highly effective activated carbon with our Innofresh PET odor absorber.

To address problem odors in the automotive area including odors in cars and trucks from cigarette smoke, pet odors and food spills, our Innofresh AUTO odor eliminator is available in a convenient clip on and hanging format. We also know that some people also enjoy a light fragranced air freshener, so we developed a safer and more friendly full line of scented air fresheners under the Visor Fresh® brand. Unlike many other overpowering fragrances in gels and oils, our technology actually encapsulates fragrances into a convenient plastic clip on case that delivers a light and consistent fresh and clean scent.


We proudly offer our extended line of household, pet and automotive odor absorbers and air fresheners for the retail, commercial and industrial markets including a variety of branded and private label products and packaging options.

Our product development and research team is dedicated to provide innovative new solutions that address real problems. We strive to provide the most superior air freshening products possible.   
MADE IN THE U.S.A.   Our products are all manufactured exclusively in the U.S. in a state of the art production facility by dedicated team members whose mission it is to provide the public with the best odor absorbing and air freshening products possible.   Please visit our website to learn more and our on line shopping cart for your convenience.   www.innofresh.com
Innofresh Products Inc.

P.O. Box 9921
Phoenix, AZ 85068
Phone (602) 866-0411
Fax (602) 866-0342


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