Does It Work

We guarantee your satisfaction with our products, so check this out.  Click on the link for the DOES IT WORK TV segment from NBC affiliate KAMR.   They tested FRIDGE IT in one of the worse smelling refrigerators – the office breakroom with the worst odor.   It worked so well, that they gave FRIDGE IT activated charcoal odor absorbers their highest rating.

All these features including fragrance free, non-toxic, activated charcoal all sound great.  But, does it work?    We have so many great stories and testimonials from people just like you that love FRIDGE IT and INNOFRESH activated charcoal odor absorbers throughout their home, pet areas, auto, work areas, dorm rooms and so much more.    You can read a few of the testimonials and blog reviews on our website – testimonials.     Also, the Food Network segment from their Food Detectives TV show illustrated how well activated charcoal performs compared with baking soda and the little purple cube they showed – YES, that was indeed FRIDGE IT.

So, come take a look at why so many readers like you love FRIDGE IT and INNOFRESH.   They really work.    And, it’s the safer, eco-friendly choice too. All our products are proudly manufactured in the USA and trusted since 1992.   For more information about Innofresh and our complete line of fragrance free activated charcoal odor eliminators, visit our website at or visit our shopping cart at Fast ship is important – we make every effort to ship within just 1 – 2 business days at most and now, take advantage of our automatic free upgrade to RUSH priority US Postal Service delivery.   (just our standard shipping and handling apply)

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