Celebrity Apprentice featuring Camping World showcases Fridge IT odor absorbers

Did you see the Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday March 20?   The task this week was for the celebrities to set up a Camping World experience in New York with many of the great products available at Camping World.   Included in the product assortment that the celebrities were able to take advantage of was our very own FRIDGE IT activated charcoal odor absorber.   The product was shown in several scenes in the make shift Camping World store.    Great episode and fun to watch.  If you spotted FRIDGE IT (purple cube in package on shelf display racks), let us know what you thought.

Fridge It activated charcoal odor eliminators are available at all Camping World stores and a favorite product for RV and camping enthusiasts.   Click on this link – Camping World to take you directly to their website.   Also, for a limited time, Camping World is offering special “celebrity sale items” and Fridge IT odor absorbers are included.   

Here’s a review of FRIDGE IT shown on the Camping World page – customer reviewer gives it “5-Stars”

“I know it’s strange to be excited about an odor absorber but I’ve been looking for a solution to the constant smell in my RV’s fridge and finally got the answer from my son who lives in a college dorm and recommended the FridgeIT since it works great for his dorm mini fridge. Found it at my favorite Camping World store and bought all they had. Love these little odor eliminators which I discovered also works great for musty cabinets and trash areas too. I definitely recommend”  – Sarah G.

Fridge IT activated carbon odor absorber is ideal for boat, RV and Campers and has been a favorite, convenient and effective fragrance free odor eliminator for refrigerators, bathrooms, closets, drawers and more.  It’s compact size is the ultimate in ventilated activated charcoal and it’s odor absorbing effectiveness is amazing.     FRIDGE IT is available at all Camping World stores and many independent RV retailers and campgrounds.    FridgeIT is also available conveniently on line direct – Shop Innofresh.  

Another popular use for FRIDGE IT is on boats.  For years, our customers have discovered that FRIDGE IT activated carbon is great for mini-fridge, coolers, bait coolers and in boat galleys to keep things fresher smelling.   Just hang, clip or simply place these powerful odor absorbers in or around the area.

For more information and convenient on line shopping, please visit us at Innofresh Products.   All our activated charcoal odor eliminators are proudly manufactured in the USA.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Top Ways to Eliminate Odors – Useful Tips

Store decorations odor free

Store decorations odor free

Now that Halloween is over and it’s time to put away all those cute and scary decorations and costumes, here’s a helpful hint for storing these items.  This comes from Lori S. who writes “I use the Innofresh Footwear/Sports odor absorber by putting 1 or 2 of them in each bin that I store things for a long time including Halloween decorations”
So, next year when you open those bins, closets and drawers, the items won’t smell as musty.   Try just putting one of our Footwear/Sport odor absorbers in between layers to keep things fresher while in storage.
You will also find that just putting one or two odor absorbers in closet, laundry and bathroom drawers will keep the items in those drawers smelling fresher as well.

Our activated carbon odor absorbers are fragrance free and work fantastic in eliminating odors including musty smells in closets and storage.    Shop conveniently and save time when visiting our web site at www.innofresh.com

Please feel free also to leave us your comments on where and how you use our activated carbon odor absorbers.   Check back again for more helpful tips on how to eliminate odors.

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