“Rid your fridge of foul odors with FRIDGE IT Odor Absorber”

FRIDGE IT activated carbon odor absorber

FRIDGE IT activated carbon odor absorber

Refrigerator odor a problem?   Freezer smells ?  Bad smelling or bad tasting ice?  
You’re not alone.

Don’t settle for other products that only work on some odors or just cover up odor with a fragrance.   Discover how to eliminate nasty refrigerator odors with FRIDGE IT odor absorbers.  Our advanced FRAGRANCE FREE  activated carbon odor absorber is engineered to eliminate odors in your refrigerator and freezer – and NOT just the easy ones.

“Rid your fridge of foul odors with FRIDGE IT Odor Absorber” writes LaurieM on Viewpoints.    Click here on this Viewpoints link to read more on this comment plus others.
For fast and effective odor elimination, trust the name FRIDGE IT.   

Please visit our web site at www.innofresh.com for additional product information and convenient on-line shopping.   Your order is important to us so we make every effort to ship within just 1-2 days and then ship PRIORITY US Postal Service so you receive your order quickly.   Questions or comments, please contact customerservice@innofresh.com or leave comments below.

All our products are proudly manufactured in the U.S. with safety, effectiveness and your satisfaction our priority.   Visit our web site and read our blog for more information and to read more about how FRIDGE IT and Innofresh activated carbon odor absorbers can provide you cleaner and fresher smelling air.

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