Activated Carbon Odor Absorbers vs. Baking Soda

We get alot of questions from our customers asking  “is activated carbon really that good and how does it compare to baking soda for absorbing refrigerator odors.”   First, activated carbon IS that good.   Activated carbon is one of the most effective odor absorbing materials known with, literally, millions of micro pockets and pores that absorb and neutralize incredible quantity of odors, and not just the easy ones.   Our advanced activated carbon odor absorbers eliminate the very toughest odors.    PLUS, our activated carbon odor absorbers are completely fragrance free.     No more masking the odor.  Now, you can ELIMINATE the odor and for good too!

Activated carbon is proven to be a more effective odor eliminator than baking soda.    Independent tests confirm this.    Recently, The Food Network aired a segment on the show “The Food Detective” that asked and answered this very same question.
You will see that activated carbon is the superior odor eliminator and the product that is shown at the end of the segment is our very popular FRIDGE IT activated carbon odor absorber.

FRIDGE IT activated carbon odor absorbers are the perfect solution for the worst refrigerator odors and, in the freezer, works great for making your ice taste and smell better as well.    Please visit our web site at to learn more about FRIDGE IT and the many ways you can use this superior odor eliminator throughout the home to eliminate the worst odors.  Eliminate, not cover up.  Yes, even dead mouse in wall odors (within a confined area such as a closet).     You can also conveniently order on line at for quick shipment of all our products.    We make every effort to ship within 24 – 48 hours and ship United States Priority Service Mail so you receive your order within just a few days.

Try FRIDGE IT and our other INNOFRESH activated carbon odor absorbers for fragrance free, superior odor elimination. 

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