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Well, Summer is almost here.  Are you planning a trip and wish you had a safe and easy way to effectively get rid of musty odor in your handbag, luggage, backpack or even hotel room?    Do you have problems with luggage and bags that are musty inside and then, cause your clothes to take on the same smelly odors?   Does your purse or backpack smell of something – maybe something spilled or just musty? 

Well, if any of these questions sound familiar, you’re not alone. Now,  you can SAFELY reduce and eliminate musty suitcase, smelly backpack, purse and travel bag odor with Innofresh fragrance free, activated charcoal odor absorbers from Innofresh Products. Patented fragrance free, allergen free, porous activated charcoal with VAC technology is simply amazing.  

 FRIDGE IT and Innofresh Sport Odor absorbersare perfect for traveling.   Completely 100% fragrance free and non-toxic with no chemicals to worry about, no liquid to spill and no powder or sprays.   Innofresh activated carbon odor absorbers are easy and convenient to place in your travel bags, purse and suitcases to eliminate odors.   No worry about getting these products through airport security.   Our patented activated carbon odor absorbers are safe and chemical free.    Just place one or two in each suitcase or bag to help keep the musty smell out of your suitcase and clothes while traveling.

Then, when you arrive at your room or other destination, just keep the Innofresh activated carbon odor absorbers in your suitcase to continue with the powerful and effective odor eliminator working the entire trip.    One reader commented “I Bring a few extra of these odor absorbers and place them in the musty smelling drawers”. Also, the convenient size and shape is great for even the room mini fridge and even to help with those occasional smelly closet odors and musty drawer smells in hotel rooms.     Easy to travel with and easy to use, Innofresh odor absorbers are a great travel aid for every suitcase.

For tougher travel odors, you can even use our FRIDGE IT Cube activated charcoal odor absorbers with maximum micro-pockets and surface area for even greater odor control.

Now, take advantage of everyday sale prices and special free shipping offers on special “warehouse” buys.  Please visit our web site at for  more product features and easy and fast on line shopping.    Fast ship is important – Orders are generally shipped within just 1-2 days at most and now, we ship PRIORITY rush US Postal Service so you get your order quickly. (Applies to U.S. orders.) International orders shipped US postal service first class.   All our products are proudly manufactured in the USA with safety and quality a priority.  100% satisfaction guaranteed   We look forward to hearing from you.   You can also contact us at

Home and Hospital Laundry Hampers and Closets

Eliminate odors from laundry hampers and closets

Eliminate odors from laundry hampers and closets

Strong Enough For Hospital Room Laundry Hampers and Closets

Innofresh fragrance free activated carbon odor absorbers are the choice for hospitals for patient room hampers and closets.    Our patented ventilated activated carbon filters eliminated those difficult odors without the use of irritating fragrances.    Completely unscented, these powerful activated carbon odor absorbers just clip on or hang near hamper bins and inside closets and even around the room to keep the air fresher and cleaner smelling.    

We recommend our Innofresh Footwear, sport and closet odor absorber for this use.    Available with a built in clip on back and hook on top of odor absorber  that accomodates many hampers and can also be just placed nearby or on shelves and closets.    Only needs to be replaced every 3 – 4 months under normal conditions.    No chemicals or sprays or irritating gels to worry about.   Innofresh’s patented single molded design is virtually dust free and completely non-irritating.

Our popular odor absorber is so effective in industrial and commercial settings, think of how good they will work for you in your home.   Just place these fragrance free activated carbon odor absorbers in your closets, drawers and clip onto your laundry bin to help eliminate those “musty” odors that seem to just linger in the air.      Our advanced activated carbon has millions of micro pockets that absorb and neutralize odors and is long lasting.    

Please visit our web site for additional information and convenient on line shopping at       Innofresh – The safer alternative that you can trust.  Order now and we make every effort to ship within 1 -2 business days at most and then ship PRIORITY US Postal Service so you receive your order as quickly as possible.
All our products are proudly manufactured in the USA with safety and quality our priority.
We would love to hear from you.

How to eliminate odor – Fragrance Free

Fragrance Free Odor Eliminator

Fragrance Free Odor Eliminator

Now you can eliminate odors without irritating fragrances from oils, gels and sprays.
Innofresh Activated Carbon Odor Absorbers utilize an advanced dust free activated carbon and ventilated filter to absorb and eliminate the worst smells and off odors throughout your home, car and pet areas.

Innofresh and Fridge It odor absorbers are completely fragrance free, so no worry about irritating fragrances that just cover up and mask odors.   Instead, you can now eliminate odors with our activated carbon odor absorbers.   Use FRIDGE IT activated carbon odor absorbers or for specific areas around pets, cars and closets, use Innofresh activated carbon odor absorbers.  Visit our web site at for additional product information.

We are often asked for solutions to common odor problems.    Innofresh and Fridge It odor absorbers are your answer to a cleaner, fresher smelling home.     Todays most common question “How do I get rid of dead mouse odor coming from behind a wall?”    The answer is FRIDGE IT odor absorbers.    If the smell is from a confined area such as inside a closet or cabinet,  you can place or hang 3 or 4 FRIDGE IT odor absorbers in the closet to help eliminate that nasty smell that comes from the dead mouse.     After, keep the Fridge It odor absorbers in the closet to keep the closet smelling cleaner without the use of fragrances.

For additional product information and convenient shopping and ordering Fridge It and Innofresh Odor absorbers, please visit our website at

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