Innofresh has earned the top spot in the Home Fragrance category of Private Label Buyer Magazine’s Category Colonel Awards

Innofresh Products Wins Top Spot in the Home Fragrance category.

I am pleased to share with you that Innofresh Products has earned the top spot in the 2010 Home Fragrance category of Private Label Buyers Magazine’s Category Colonel Awards.     This prestigious award “provides a way to recognize private label industry suppliers who are the very best at what they do”.    Nominated by retail buyers, this award demonstrates “best in class” as trading partners.     Nominations are based on three award criteria

1. Overall commitment to private label product quality

2. Knowledge of the retailer’s business
3. Superior skills in helping their customers drive store brand volume, profits and competitive differentiation.

On behalf of the entire team at Innofresh Products, thank you for your business and continued support.     

Innofresh Products is a leading provider of branded and private label eco-friendly air freshener and odor eliminating products to the consumer, retail, commercial and industrial markets.   We specialize in products that are the highest quality and most effective activated charcoal solutions to common household, pet, auto, work and sport odors.   Our brands include Fridge IT activated charcoal odor absorber and Innofresh PET, Innofresh SPORT and Innofresh AUTO odor eliminators.  
Visit our website at Innofresh Products and for convenient on-line shopping, click on this link to our on-line store ShopInnofresh.  To learn more about Innofresh, click on this link – The Innofresh Promise.     All our products are proudly manufactured in the USA.For more information about the Private Label Buyer magazine’s annual Category Colonels Awards program, click on link – PL Buyer

Taxi Cab Odor

photo-las-vegas1Las Vegas?   What does Las Vegas have to do with Innofresh activated carbon odor absorbers ? 

A reader commented  “I recently came back from a trip to Las Vegas and took a cab ride from the airport to my hotel.   Inside the cab, there was a sign that said no smoking but it really did smell bad in the taxi.  Probably a combination of smoke and I don’t know what.    I use your (Innofresh auto) odor absorber for my car at home and I thought this taxi cab really could use your product”  – Robert  

No matter what city, taxi cabs certainly could use Innofresh AUTO odor eliminator.  Our specialized activated carbon odor absorbers are perfect for eliminating the smell from cigarette smoke, food spills and pet odors.     Innofresh AUTO odor eliminators are completely fragrance free so they don’t cover up the problem with a fragrance like those scented air fresheners.     Innofresh AUTO actually eliminates the odor and works on some pretty tough smells.   Strong enough for big city taxi cabs, you can count on Innofresh AUTO odor eliminator for your car or truck.  Clips on most visors or just place under sink or in console area.  Recommended for inside car and trunk.

Please read some of our other blogs for helpful clean air tips for eliminating odor from smoke, food spills, pets and so much more.   Visit our website at for convenient on line shopping.   Your order is important so we try to ship within 1 -2 days at most and then ship PRIORITY U.S. Postal Service so you get your order quickly. 
(International orders are shipped US Postal Service regular ground delivery).All our products are proudly made in the U.S.A with safety, quality and customer satisfaction guaranteed.     Send in your comments and stories to share.

Car, Truck and RV Odor Eliminator

AUTO Odor Eliminator from Innofresh
Do you need to eliminate smells in your car from musty pets, spilled food or even cigarette smoke?  The answer is not to cover the odor up with a scented air freshener, but rather trap, absorb and eliminate the odor with the power of fragrance free activated carbon.    Innofresh AUTO Odor Eliminator is the  better choice and a  fragrance free alternative for getting rid of odors in your car, truck and R.V.  

AUTO Odor Eliminator
AUTO Odor Eliminator

  No irritating fragrances and no messy gels or sprays.Innofresh AUTO odor eliminator utilizes the same ventilated, activated carbon technology as in our other superior performing odor absorbers for powerful, clean effective odor elimination. Innofresh AUTO odor eliminator absorbs smells and musty odor from smoke, food spills and pets without the worry of irritating fragrances, gels and chemicals.   The safer alternative – No more irritating fragrances that just cover up problem odors in you car that may cause irritation to pets and may harm fabric and leather surfaces.   Instead,  make the choice to eliminate the odors from smoke, pets and food spills in your car, RV. and truck.  Just clip on, hang or place Innofresh auto odor eliminators anywhere in car and trunk.   Use also in your R.V. to eliminate unwanted odors throughout your RV.  Superior odor absorption with no carbon black powder, dust or spills.

Please visit the Innofresh web site at or click here for link to Innofresh AUTO odor eliminator for more information and convenient on line shopping for fast delivery.   We make every effort to ship within 1 – 2 business days and ship Priority United States Postal Service so you get your order quickly.  Our standard shipping and handling charges only apply.    Try Innofresh AUTO odor eliminator for a fragrance free solution to car odors.

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