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“Completely eliminated the smell” says Danyale at Evoluchuns blog

Evoluchuns Blog

Danyale put, both, our FRIDGE IT odor absorber and our Innofresh PET odor absorber through some pretty tough odor eliminating tests.  First, Danyale tested the amazing effectiveness of Innofresh PET activated charcoal for, both, her cats litter box in the kitchen and her Moms bedroom which smelled from her musky dogs.  The result – “Amazing..I could no longer smell the litter box through the house.  It really worked to get rid of the odor”.   “This little odor absorber also got rid of the musky dog odor as well”

Next, Danyale put our very popular FRIDGE IT activated charcoal odor absorbers to the test….and not just in the refrigerator, but in the bathroom, living room and even her cigarette smoke smelling car.    “We are smokers and everything smells of smoke.  With FRIDGE IT placed in these areas, you can’t even tell we are smokers”.   Now, that’s putting FRIDGE IT to the test!!

Click on this link Evoluchuns blog to read more of Danyales review plus for a limited time, enter to win a free six pack of either FRIDGE IT or Innofresh PET.   Also,  check out the special promotion code to receive an automatic 10% discount for all on-line purchases at http://www.innofresh.com

FRIDGE IT and INNOFRESH activated carbon odor eliminators are 100% fragrance free and allergen free.   Our patented ventilated activated charcoal filters absorb, neutralize and eliminate even the toughest odors…and not just the easy ones.    Other air fresheners just mask and cover up odors with another smell.  All our products are proudly manufactured in the USA.    For more information, visit us at http://www.innofresh.com

To go directly to our shopping center, click on this link – Buy Now Shop Innofresh

Bakers Dozen – Phrase Origin and Special “bakers dozen” offer

Have you ever wondered where the phrase “Bakers Dozen” came from?

Most people know that when you order a dozen of many bakery items including donuts, bagels and danish, you actually get 13 instead of 12.   Why is that?    I discovered that while there seems to be some debate, most believe that the reason for this tradition goes back to a law created by Henry111 in 1266.  Now, that’s a long time ago.   Back then, bakers and brewers could be punished with a fine or even flogging if they gave a short measure of goods.   Fast forward to 1477 – The Chronicle of London reported that a baker named John Mundew was “schryved” fpr selling bread that was underweight.   The definition of “schryved” meant that he was forced to admit his guilt.

The odd thing is that a Dozen is not actually a weight measure which is how they often sold goods back then.  However, a dozen loaves of a certain type of bread would weigh a certain amount that bakers knew.  When someone would purchase that weight of bread, while the baker knew that it was probably about 12 loaves, in order to avoid fines, they would throw in an extra one or two loaves.   Over time, this evolved into being know as a “bakers dozen”.

So, there you have it.   To my blog readers,  for a limited time, I’d like to offer a special Innofresh and Fridge IT  “bakers dozen” for  all on line orders of a dozen units -(2 sets of 6).   Through August, with the purchase of a dozen odor absorbers, all you have to do is type in this phrase:  
Bakers Dozen promotion” in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONSsection during check out.  Don’t type this phrase in “promotions”, but make sure you type in “Bakers Dozen promotion” in the Special Instructions” section.    This way, whatever 12 units you choose, we will automatically include 1 extra FRIDGE IT Cube at absolutely no extra charge.  This is a free value of approx. $3.25 just for participating.    Click on this link – Innofresh Products to start shopping at Innofresh for our popular activated charcoal odor eliminators including FRIDGE IT odor absorbers as well as our line for PET, AUTO and SPORT odors.

This offer is good through August 2010 for only the purchase of a dozen units and not available for multiple units of more than 12 purchased.   For larger purchases, check out our “FREE SHIPPING” promotion for orders over $70.00 .  (limited time offer).  – Click on Innofresh Products for more information

Innofresh Products proudly manufactures all our products in the USA.

Special Savings and FREE SHIPPING with “warehouse buys” on your favorite odor eliminators

Savings on full cases from our “warehouse buys” AND receive FREE SHIPPING.*


Free Shipping on Warehouse Buys
Free Shipping on Warehouse Buys

*NOW AVAILABLE for a limited time.   When you shop on line at www.innofresh.com from our special “warehouse buys” section, receive FREE SHIPPING.   Use promotion code BK885 in the required field today on your favorite fragrance free, activated charcoal odor absorbers.   This offer applies to “warehouse buys” only and for orders shipped to U.S. and can not be combined with other promotional offers.   So many of our customers use FRIDGE IT and Innofresh odor absorbers for multiple uses that we now offer additional savings when you purchase a full case of 24 units.   In addition to everyday special savings, you also can now take advantage of FREE SHIPPING (promotion code required) and we will still ship PRIORITY US Postal Service for fast delivery.   Click on this link to take you now to “warehouse buys” .

Our FRIDGE IT and Innofresh fragrance free, natural activated charcoal odor eliminators are so versatile that you can use these powerfully effective odor absorbers practically everywhere.   Visit our web site for more information about which odor absorber is right for your job at www.innofresh.com

FRIDGE IT Cube Warehouse buy

FRIDGE IT Cube Warehouse buy

FRIDGE IT Wafer - warehouse buys

FRIDGE IT Wafer - warehouse buys

Innofresh AUTO odor eliminator - warehouse buys

Innofresh AUTO odor eliminator - warehouse buys

Innofresh PET odor absorber - warehouse buys

Innofresh PET odor absorber - warehouse buys





 BUY NOW and save with “warehouse buys”
– for refrigerator, freezer, trash areas, under sinks, closets, storage, garage, cabinets, lockers.  Activated charcoal odor absorber even tough enough for “dead mouse odor” behind walls and in closets.

Innofresh AUTO odor eliminator.   Finally a totally unscented air freshener that actually eliminates the odor in your car, truck or RV rather than just covering up and masking the smell with an irritating fragrance.

Innofresh PET odor absorber  Easy clip-on design to most litter boxes, this fragrance free activated charcoal odor absorber eliminates unpleasant odors without any irritating fragrances, harmful chemicals or messy powders and granules.  Also great for small animal cages and tanks.

All our products are proudly manufactured in the USA.   Thank you for visiting us and we look forward to helping.

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