Eliminate smoke, food and pet odors from cars, trucks and R.V’s

Eliminates car odors fragrance free

Eliminates car odors fragrance free

Innofresh AUTO odor eliminator for fragrance free odor elimination in your car, truck and RV.

Tired of trying to get rid of odors in your car from musty pets, food spills or even cigarette smoke with some irritating fragranced air freshener?   Now, you can effectively eliminate these odors without products that just cover up the odor and mask with a fragrance.     With Innofresh AUTO odor eliminator, you get the power of activated carbon to trap and neutralize the smells.       Innofresh AUTO utilizes a ventilated porous activated carbon filter that absorbs even the toughest odors without the worry of irritating fragrances, gels and chemicals that include warning statements like “keep away from pets and children” or “may harm fabric and leather surfaces”.

The safer choice is fragrance free activated carbon from Innofresh.    Just clip on, hang or place Innofresh auto odor eliminators anywhere in your car and trunk.  

Where to buy Innofresh AUTO odor eliminators.    – available at Checker Auto, Kragen, Schucks and Murrays auto retailers.   Click on this link for a map of locations for these retailers.    http://www.cskauto.com/StoreLocator.aspx         You can also conveniently shop on-line at http://www.innofresh.com/innofresh-products/auto-odor-eliminator/ directly from Innofresh Products for fast and easy ordering.    At www.innofresh.com, Innofresh AUTO odor eliminators are sold in sets of 6 units for savings to you.    
Special Savings – Shop on-line directly at www.innofresh.com only and  now  for a limited time, receive a 10% discount on your purchase  of  Innofresh AUTO or any of our products, with this limited promotional offer available to our blog readers.  When ordering, you must enter code BK309A  to receive this discount.    

Try Innofresh AUTO odor eliminators for a fragrance free solution to unpleasant odors in your car.      Please visit our website to learn more about all our products at www.innofresh.com  and for convenient on line shopping.      All our products are proudly manufactured in the USA with safety, quality and your satisfaction top priorities.

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